A self confessed foodie who just loves to cook. I like to create recipes that are flavourful and approachable. Giving tips on making a recipe your own or how to modify for different palates. I love to make dishes full of flavour and build a recipe from scratch.

The Story behind Foodnutt!

Every since I was little I have enjoyed cooking, being in the kitchen with my nanna or mother and baking. I have always enjoyed creating my own recipes and love how food takes you on a journey or elicits a memory. Cooking for family and friends is a favourite past-time.

With children I had to learn to adapt foods and recipes for different palates and to cater for numerous food allergies. I like to cook from scratch and keep my food as free of additives and preservatives as possible. I believe in a well balanced diet packed full of variety and flavour.

Food can takes us on a journey that reflects the cultures and the history of the world. I like to travel the world through food and I hope you will join me!

Working with our partner business Winenutt you will have the opportunity to pair foods with wines and capitalise on some great wine deals.

Cooking is about passion, family and a global journey through food.

jackie mazzocato – AKA Foodnutt

I want my food to be approachable and to give you the confidence to create!

Do you have questions about recipes? Wanna work together? Feel free to write to me jackie@foodnutt.com.au for all enquires!